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Mildreds Kilt

A shop of randomNess

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mildreds_kilt is a communtiy for people interested in the future shop, created by four fans of Sean Biggerstaff who became very good friends. The shop started as a small idea and has now become a much larger thing, and there is hopes to it being opened sometime in the near future.

Mildred's Kilt is going to be a shop that carries vintage clothing, costumes, recycled clothing and much more!

The shop location is going to be in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

We aren't too strict here, we only ask that you aren't offensive to others and you don't spam. All are welcome to join. Have fun.

Thanks from your mods,

hoipolloi_penny, klo_the_hobbit, nporcupine, rayneing

Here are some super fun links. Check them out!

Sean Biggerstaff The scottish fellow who has warped our minds. Teehee! It's his official website.

Unibadass This is the United Badgers Association website. Also known as Unibadass, or UBA. If you aren't sure what some of our slang is or what we are talking about check out the UBA Dictionary also known as the Arseish dictionary.

Seths Stalkers It's a joke. A complete joke. We will stop when he asks us too. And he has had pleanty of chances to ask. Yes, yes he has.

Meet your mods:

Klo ( klo_the_hobbit )

Cola( nporcupine )

Penny ( hoipolloi_penny )

Rayne ( rayneing )